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In District 1, which includes Lanham, Northern Bowie, Laurel, Beltsville and Adelphi, three names will appear on the ballot to replace retiring incumbent Rosalind A. Johnson but one candidate, Mike McLaughlin, has dropped out of the race, making it likely that Zabrina Epps and David Murray will be the choices in November. Ms. Epps, an academic adviser at the Community College of Baltimore County, is the best choice: Her experience as a former budget analyst for the General Assembly would be an important help to the board.

Listen to Zabrina Epps on Parent Talk Live 9/8/12

(discussion starts at 8 minutes)


Vote on Tuesday, November 6th
Locate your polling place: http://www.mdelections.umd.edu/poll-locations

 I'M READY!!!!!

"After a decade in higher education, I want to broaden my service to children in K-12. I am running for school board because I am READY to work for our children so they will be READY for college and career success!"     Zabrina Epps

Zabrina Epps is ready to work for our children!

  • With ten years in higher education as an academic advisor and adjunct instructor of Communications, Ms. Epps knows the skills and personal characteristics our children need to be successful in college and career.
  • She prepares students for college entry as an SAT Prep instructor.
  • She has fiscal experience as a former budget analyst with the Maryland General Assembly and Fiscal Officer with the MD Secretary of State.
  • Ms. Epps understands education as an essential factor in economic development as a former director of economic development research.
  • She is a leader in education policy and serves on the academic governance board at the Community College Baltimore County.
  • She has conducted workshops and seminars on college readiness, workforce development and leadership for the last fifteen years.

Experience, Partnerships and Advocacy!

Zabrina Epps is READY to work for our children!

Authorized by Friends of Zabrina Epps, Samuel Epps, Treasurer                         Laurel, MD | 301.604.5012

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